Article III – Membership

March 18th, 2011

Section 1. All persons interested in entomology shall be eligible for membership.

Section 2. The membership of the Society shall consist of the following classes – Full, Associate, Foreign, Institutional and Honorary Life membership.

Section 2.1. Associate membership shall be considered for those to be less than 18 years of age or registered as full-time students.

Section 3. Application for membership shall be on the appropriate form obtainable from the Secretary. The Council shall consider all applications at the next ordinary meeting and acceptance or otherwise of the application shall be communicated to the applicant in writing.

Section 4. Individuals who have made important contributions to the science of entomology may be elected Honorary Life members of the Society. There shall be not more than five living Honorary Life members.

Section 5. Members one year in arrears in the payment of subscription shall be dropped from the rolls by the Secretary.

Section 6. The Executive Council may expel any member of the Society for such cause, as it may deem sufficient for expulsion. The members of the Council may take this action only after two-thirds approval. Petitions for expulsion shall be presented to the Secretary for presentations to the Council. On expulsion the departing member shall be refunded all dues paid for the current year. An expelled member may be reinstated by the two-thirds affirmative votes of the Council.