In 1998, a group of local naturalists met at the old University of Malta to initiate preparations for the founding of Malta’s first entomological society. The Entomological Society of Malta (ESM) was formally established in January 2002, with two main objectives, mainly to facilitate the sharing of scientific knowledge and experiences in the field and to encourage the study and documentation of local entomology. Since then numerous self-funded talks and outdoor activities of a scientific nature have been held towards these objectives. The first ESM President and founder was Dr Martin Ebejer followed by Mr. Paul Sammut. Dr David Mifsud took over the post of President of ESM since 2006. In general Council of ESM meets four to five times a year and a number of activities are carried out for our members.

In 2007, the Society’s Council decided to launch an annual peer-reviewed scientific journal – the Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Malta. The first volume was published in 31 August 2008 and the journal was much welcomed by the scientific community. The journal found its way in more than 60 scientific institutions throughout the world and is currently being evaluated so that papers are included in the Web of Science. Papers are currently cited by Zoological Record. So far, 3 volumes have been published and currently much of ESM activity centres around the production of this journal. In the first three volumes information has been included for more than 650 different species of insects occurring in Malta. More than 130 new records of insects for the Maltese territory have been documented and two species of moths were also described as new to science. In total, the first three volumes contain 33 scientific papers carried out with the collaboration of more than 40 contributing authors mainly from Europe. In volume 2 a new section dedicated to the young entomologist was launched. This section was much welcomed by the scientific community as it gives the younger generation a possibility to appreciate better the world of insects in Malta. It is the hope of ESM Council that this section is continued and that eventually these are grouped together under one publication for the general reader.

The journal is being produced with the assistance of external sponsorship and to-date the following institutions and private companies have contributed for this: MEPA, Maltese National Commission for UNESCO, MCST, Lombard, National Lotteries Good Causes Fund, Francis Busuttil & Sons Marketing ltd., Ministry for Health, BOV, Forestals, Central Bank of Malta, University of Malta, Arrow pharm, Evolve ltd., MIIS, All invest co. ltd., Capital Pest Control, Meridiana, Borg Cardona & Co ltd., Agricultural Co-operative ltd., Farmers Learning Centre, Cyberpass, H.P. & A., Phoenician Glassblowers and HandsOn Systems.