Checklist of the Arthropoda of the

Maltese Islands

Edited by David Mifsud

The aim of this section is to provide a checklist of all arthropods recorded from the Maltese Islands. This checklist is still in its introductory phase but we hope that in a couple of months various contributors will provide updated checklists of particular groups of arthropods to be included. Each family or group of organisms will have its own author/person who gathered and included the checklist and where applicable the name of person who verified such data. The data of the last update will also be indicated. A very brief introductory section will be also presented where relevant literature of the group is included. Species may be accompanied by colour photos or habitus drawings.

Order Hemiptera

Number of Species
c.550 Species in Malta
224 Species in database
Order Coleoptera

Number of Species
c.2000 Species in Malta
240 Species in database
Order Odonata

Number of Species
17 Species in Malta
Order Lepidoptera

Number of Species
c.650 Species in Malta
22 Species in database